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mouisa | photography

B eauty is everywhere, patience is the key.


Norway, Lofoten - snow, no wind, no clouds but blue skies
Great Britain, Wales - rain, wind and beautiful landscapes
Rio Tinto, Spain - those colors!
Etretat, France - the oysters
Winterlandscape in Norway
Swan on melting ice
Radio Kootwijk
Sunny summer landscape
Mushrooms on a tree end
View over the taiga
Spring - pink flower
Blue tit on the balcony looking up
Orange slug going along in the green summer meadow
Fluff with dew
Cabbage white butterfly on an echinacea flower
The Small Red Damselfly sitting on a reed stem

W hy?   I like to share and inspire other people :)

But most of all I enjoy just being outside. Away from the city, loud noises and loud people. Just out on a sunny day, a stroll in the forest or other beautiful landscapes enjoying the silence.

Not just any silence but the silence that stops being silent once you sit down, come to peace with the surroundings and start to listen. Birds, frogs, and other small creatures, even your own footsteps can be very loud..

Being in the woods relaxes my brain and does fulfill me with thankfulness. Realising that I am able to be there with no limitations to go anywhere, whenever I want or feel like it.

So why shouldn’t I share my adventures with you?

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I hope, you enjoyed the visit. If there is anyting you would like to share with me, please contact me. It is highly appreciated that you do not use any of my photo’s without my permission.

All of the pictures on this website and instagram are taken by me and they have copyright on all of them, even the nice background images.

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